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Run4Roo is taking applications from families who are in the process of adopting children with special needs.  We would like to be able to give out as many grants to needy families as we can.  But we can't do it alone.  Your help matters. 

You can donate in USD to our paypal account.

You can donate to our venmo account

Canadians can also e-tranfer to

Les canadiens peuvent faire leurs dons par virement Interac à

For US Amazon account holders:

Another way that you and friends/family can help out Run4Roo without actually giving a donation. If you order from Amazon, they have a way that .5% of your fee goes to our foundation. Instead of going on Amazon to order things, instead go to and order. When you go to the site, in the left hand corner, there will be a place that says supporting and you can choose Run4Roo. So if you’re not already supporting a charity, please consider supporting ours. Every little bit helps!! Thank you!

**All donations over $20 are tax deductible.

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