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1 week after
arriving home
Founders of Run4Roo 
Robert & Sharon Pinkston
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In 2014, Robert and Sharon brought home their son, Arouna (Roo), from an orphanage in Burkina Faso.  The whole adoption process alerted them to the orphan crisis and the plight of orphans with special needs.  They became aware that many orphans with special needs were subjected to malnution, lack of stimulation and many times, abuse.  These children don't have a voice in this world, so Run4Roo wants to be their voice.  Thus, Run4Roo was begun to alert others to this crisis and to raise money for families in the process of adopting children with special needs.  

The Run4Roo MISSION is to use running and running events to advocate for these children and to raise money for the families that have committed to adopting them.  An average adoption these days can cost anywhere from $25,000-40,000.  And this is not to mention all the cost involved once a child gets home for therapy, hospital stays, equipment, medicine, etc.  

But they can't do this alone.  Run4Roo needs your help.  If you would like to donate, organize an event, or you are interested in pursuing adoption, please contact them or click on the links above.  

In 2019, the Pinkstons adopted Pesho from Burgas, Bulgaria

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