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Lindbloom family.jpg
Ayla Lindbloom after 9 months home.jpg
Ayla: Forever a Lindblom
Siebold Family and Roxy(Aria)  February
Aria: Forever a Seabold
Howard family arriving with Patrick.JPG
Patrick Howard - 13 years old.jpeg
Regan Family Adopted daughter.png
Chelsea and Shannon.jpg
Chelsea and siblings.jpg
Chelsea: Forever a Regan
Patrick: Forever a Howard
Sancara and Woodley #3.jpg
Sancara and Woodley.jpg
Courtney, Sancara and Woodley.jpg

Sancara & Woodley:

Forever an Irwin

Adoption is expensive...

An average adoption these days can cost a family anywhere from $25,000-40,000 for 1 child.  And unfortunately, the expense is not over once a child is home.  There are medical appointments, surgeries, medicine, equipment that insurance doesn't always pay for, travel to hospitals and long stays, etc.  It can be daunting to a family, so every little bit of help a family can receive is a blessing.  If you would like to donate to Run4Roo so that more families can receive a grant, please click on our Donate Page.

Apply for a grant...

Thanks to the generosity of donors and runners alike, we are able to give grants to families in the process of adopting children with special needs.  The application process usually opens in October each year. Families are awarded grants in November or December.

***To see how your dollars can make a difference, see the video below of Ryan's Story

Adoption is Redemption...Ryan's Story

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