Families Given Grants

Run4Roo is giving 3 grants to 3 very deserving families.  Here are 2 of those families and a little summary of the children they are adopting.

The Siebold Family

The Siebold family live in Arkansas and have 3 biological children, ages 7,6 and 4.  They are adopting a beautiful little 3 year old girl currently living in an institution in Bulgaria.  She has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and has an ASD(hole in her heart).  They have passed court and are just waiting to get the dates to travel and pick up their daughter. Please pray for them as they continue to fundraise, travel to pick up their daughter, and adjust to life with a new family member.   

The Regan Family

Shannon, a single Mom, and her son, Alex, live in Maryland.  They are bringing home a beautiful 11 year old girl from China.  She has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, blindness and deformed feet.  Shannon will be travelling on February 23, 2018, to pick up her daughter.  Please pray for them as they continue to fundraise for the remaining travel expenses, travel to China and adjust to life as a family of 3.  

****Our 3rd family that has received a grant prefers to remain anonymous but they will be bringing home a 10 year old from an Eastern European country.  

Adoption is expensive...

An average adoption these days can cost a family anywhere from $25,000-40,000 for 1 child.  And unfortunately, the expense is not over once a child is home.  There are medical appointments, surgeries, medicine, equipment that insurance doesn't always pay for, travel to hospitals and long stays, etc.  It can be daunting to a family, so every little bit of help a family can receive is a blessing.  If you would like to donate to Run4Roo so that more families can receive a grant, please click on our Donate Page.

Apply for a grant...

Run4Roo is not accepting grant applications at this time.  We are attempting to give out grants 2 times a year, depending on fundraising.  If you would like to apply for a grant, our next application period will be in the summer 2018.  Please begin checking back in June 2018 for the exact date to apply.  

***To see how your dollars can make a difference, see the video below of Ryan's Story

Adoption is Redemption...Ryan's Story

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